Our Story

Hygge. A word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, within your home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special. 
Our family has always been the best of friends. In our case, the meaning of hygge surrounds those treasured moments that we are able to spend together. It’s a story we’ve heard before but one that resonates loudly with the toll 2020 took on being separated from family.  
Our Canadian parents raised us on our family farm in rural Michigan where hard work and family cohesion would lay the foundation for our future lives. Education and careers took three of us back to our Mother’s home province of Ontario by the time the pandemic hit. When the borders closed we found ourselves separated from our third sister and nephew who had recently been diagnosed with celiac disease.  This disease forced them to change their lifestyle in ways that made navigating this pandemic an even greater challenge. If ever there was a need for togetherness in this world it would be now as we long for a return to that feeling of hygge.

Designing and implementing ideas for our 100% stone-washed linen pinafore cross back apron has been a way for our family to connect with group ideas influenced by our shared upbringing, and individual touches inspired by continued diverse educations and life experience.  
We have spent time and careful consideration designing an apron that is comfortable, lightweight and versatile in fit. Items can be personalized using embroidery or vinyl press with a name or nickname giving them a thoughtful and unique touch and of course, a style that our nephew could easily use and be excited to wear. 

We want to share the joy these aprons have brought us with other families across the country who are looking for ways to get their toddlers and kids excited to spend time at home. They are adaptable in sizing and use. From kitchen to garden; from washing the dog to painting and creating master works of art, your whole family is covered!

~ Rachel & Rebecca ~