Pasta !

Pasta !

One word.... pasta. When someone mentions pasta, what comes to mind? Comfort food ? Delicious ? Yes, same. 

Now imagine instead of dumping pasta from a box into boiling water, you are carefully tossing some MADE FROM SCRATCH pasta in a rich sauce. You need to do this. Trust me, there is nothing better. 

When the pandemic hit, I quickly realized that I needed more hobbies. I needed something to do with my toddler that would be fun for both of us. I love cooking and baking. Since I was young, I have loved trying new recipes and creating my own to feed my family and friends. Food is definitely my love language. 

While I was googling recipes I came across a pasta maker on sale at Amazon. I thought to myself, " Is it possible to make my own pasta ? Will it taste good ? Is it worth it when pasta is so cheap at the grocery store ? " The answer to all of these questions is YES. 100% yes !

I watched alot of videos and read a ton of recipes, but to be honest, it comes down to 4 ingredients. Pasta Flour, Eggs, Water, Salt. And its EASY to make!

Since then, I have purchased a second pasta maker that attaches to my Kitchenaid mixer. There is no better feeling than doing a porch drop off of fresh pasta. This person will love you forever because like I said above, there is nothing better.

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