How to wear your Apron

How to wear your Apron

We’ve been getting this question as people consider making a purchase of one of our aprons and trust us - we get it! We worked hard to design an apron that is comfortable and one that our customers would look forward to wearing. The thick shoulder straps will sit lightly on your shoulders and there is no tie around your neck that would cause discomfort. Our adult size has carefully considered all body types and looks great on everyone!

But before anyone can really enjoy their apron, you have to know how to put it on!

We’ve compiled a few videos because it’s one thing to try and explain it but it’s another to just actually see it. The method we’ve discovered is the best, is one that puts your head through first, and then your arms through the cross-back straps.

For kids, there is no tie that needs to be done that would of course take patience from the child. Instead, you put the apron over their head and they just have to put their arms through the straps.

If you still have questions after watching these videos, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Bluebird!


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