Fall Colours !

Fall Colours !

Each of the seasons has its own personality and benefits, but there is something uniquely beautiful about the fall, especially here in Southern Ontario. The air has an unmatched crispness, and the natural world seems to be exploding with vibrant, warm colours as the wildflowers bloom and the leaves change. 

As the outside world gets cooler and the days get shorter, we find ourselves spending more time inside our homes. Follow along as we show you some ways to bring the beauty of autumn into your home!

1. Forage for Fall Flowers

No time of year has more wild varieties of long-lasting flowers than autumn. If you’re in or near Ontario, some of our favourites are Coneflowers, Golden Rod, and Queen Anne’s Lace, but you can find a full list of in-season flowers here. Your local state or provincial website should also have regional-specific lists available.

When arranging flowers for your home, aim for clusters in odd numbers for the prettiest look. Bring your apron, a pair of gloves, some sharp snippers, and a bucket, and head out to look for some stunning, natural decor!

2. Swap out your Tableware

A high-impact, low-effort way to make your home feel more autumnal is to change out your regular tableware and linens. Maybe during the spring and summer, you tend to use paper napkins (or even paper towels) for convenience. This year, consider bringing some colour and texture to your table by adding some natural linen napkins in a warm colour. Pictured below are our napkins in the colour Mustard. These napkins are easy to wash, soft on your skin, and bring a wonderful pop of colour and texture to your fall table.

3. Bake some Fresh Bread

Is there a better way to make your house feel warm and homey than the smell of a fresh loaf of bread baking in the oven? If there is, I don’t know what it would be! As the world and the wheat turn golden in the fields, why not move with the seasons and enjoy the meditative task of kneading and baking bread? There are plenty of amazing recipes online and if you have children, it’s a great way to get them involved in the kitchen!

If you’re new to baking bread, we recommend a no-knead option like this one from SeriousEats, but feel free to get as creative as possible! Whatever type of bread you make though, be sure to store it properly after baking so that it stays fresh. Our linen bags were purpose-made to keep your bread as fresh as possible, but fresh bread is so good that we doubt your loaf will last long in the house!

We hope that you find some ways to bring this beautiful season into all aspects of your life and home. It’s such a short and perfect time of year and we plan to take advantage of every golden moment.

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